I want my paintings to envelop the senses and reorient a viewer’s perception of space. For me, everything that is alive comes into being only in a state of constant change. I bring forth this state by transforming figures into abstractions, which viewers relate to as constantly moving and living.

My structures begin with a sketch; they are characterized by a sense of improvisation. Intuitive and spontaneous, they convey no structural mass or weight. By “reading” hidden patterns, I pull generative elements out. Eventually, my paintings become sketches in space, which viewers can visually walk into.

Virtual reality informs my work. In the same way that digital software organizes space by mapping a form’s points of movement, I model gestures and specific phenomena. My goal is to anthropomorphize my paintings, to construct an alternate world filled with notations of human movements.

Figures dissolve into their surroundings. I strive to energize, counter and enliven the static qualities of flat images by rendering them in an animated fashion, a kind of 3-D atmosphere or vortex. The figures remain as traces, detectable only in their movement and trajectory. I build my compositions by emphasizing the dynamic fluidity of space in the absence of visible figures. Planes of color appear to spin, creating a biomorphic atmosphere in which each particle belongs to the whole while remaining discrete or autonomous.

My works embody my desire for ecstasy and rapture. My goal is to generate similar experiences in viewers. In this way, my paintings give form to people’s most vulnerable states. I admire and yearn for these qualities in my environment and myself. The gestures I render are sincere and openhearted and stirring: a state of euphoria.